Scott Whitney


What is your hometown?  San Diego

What is your education? B.A. in Chemistry from PLNU,  Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from UCSB

How many years teaching?  1st Year teaching High School, several years in graduate school at UCSB

How many years at CUSSD?  1st Year at CUSSD

Campus:  High School

Subjects Taught: 
Chemistry and Physics (Regular, Honors, and AP)

Email address:

  • I've been to the ACSI spelling bee to Washington D.C.
  • I’ve been to the La Boca Street in Argentina where the Tango was invented and seen it performed live.
  • I hold a patent for the stabilizing of DNA & RNA in human blood and saliva.
  • Was a Chargers fan but am not converting to a Patriots fan!!!!

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