Rachel Wilkinson


What is your hometown?  El Cajon, CA

What is your education? Bachelor's Degree in Biology, B.S. and Masters in Education, M.Ed.; Credentialed in General Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Geosciences

How many years teaching?  14 (Including this Year)

How many years at CUSSD? 10 (Including this Year)

Campus:  Junior and Senior High

Subjects Taught:  Life Science (8) and Physical Science (HS)

Email address: Rachel.Wilkinson@christianunified.org

What is your life verse?  Job 12: 7-10 and Psalm 104

Why do you teach? The physical nature of God’s purposeful design and mathematical order, left by Him as clues for our discovery, instill a passion in me for science education.

Interesting facts about you?  

  • Lived in Alaska for over a year and worked at a salmon cannery.
  • Currently working towards a Forensics certificate at Grossmont College. 
  • Have taken a road trip through 10 different western states as well as Canada and Mexico. 
  • Family enjoys camping

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