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Advanced Placement (AP) Summer Work

Note:   Enrollment is contingent on meeting certain prescribed prerequisites as found in the academic policies of the student handbook/academic catalog.  You must have administrative approval in order to be placed in any AP class and doing the work does not grant a student enrollment in the class.  If you are unsure if an AP class is included in your fall schedule or if you would like to add one, please contact Mrs. Kunde

Summer work was assigned at the end of the term.  Contracts for AP classes were available at the AP Fair in May.  If you did not pick up a contract or turn in your contract, you will not be enrolled in the class.  Please contact the following teachers to make sure that you have met the requirements for enrollment in the class,would like to be added to the roster, or need the summer work packet.

AP Biology
Teacher:  Mrs. Blake
Email Mrs. Blake

AP Computer Science Principles
Teacher: Mr. Woolf
Email Mr. Woolf

Teacher: Mrs. Breeden
AP English Summer work is posted on the Summer Reading page
Honors English III Summer Assignment is on the Summer Reading page


AP World History (10th Grade)
Teacher:  Mr. Folsom
Email Mr. Folsom

AP US History (11th Grade)
Mr. Molumby
Email Mr. Molumby

AP US Government and Politics
Mr. Circo
Email Mr. Circo

AP Caclulus
Teacher:  Mrs. Vail, 
Email Mrs. Vail  

AP Physics
Teacher:  Mrs. Ostermann
Email Mrs.Ostermann

AP Art (Drawing and 2-D Design)
Teacher:  Mrs. Cardiff
Email Mrs. Cardiff

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