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Dual Credit Program

Christian High School is happy to offer an opportunity for our students to earn dual credit through Colorado Christian University (CCU).  A dual credit course is a college course taken in high school which allows our students to earn high school and college credit simultaneously.  Many of our Junior/Senior level honors and AP courses have been approved for dual credit.  Students who successfully complete our dual credit courses have their grade recorded on both a Christian High School transcript and a Colorado Christian University transcript.  

Dual Credit courses are a great opportunity for your child to get credit for college courses at a fraction of the cost. Our partnership with Colorado Christian University in providing Dual Credit courses will allow your child to enter college as a freshman or possibly sophomore with many credits or courses completed or waived. Make sure to consult specific colleges to be certain the courses transfer to meet the freshman and sophomore level requirements of the college or university.

Click here for a Table of currently approved courses (October 2018).   We are still adding to the list of dual credit courses, contact your student's counselor for more information.

Link to register for courses:  * Register for Spring semester


How does my child enroll?

Go to the link ( to enroll.  The courses available are listed on the table noted above.  Please remember the deadline to enroll is April 15, 2019.


How are grades calculated for the college transcript?

Semester grades for both semesters are averaged into one grade.


If my child is taking an AP class, why should they enroll?

A dual credit course can be used as a “safety net” if there is concern that your child may not pass the AP exam. Also, some colleges may be more likely to accept a Dual Credit course than an AP score.  

Cost Comparison (based on 2016-2017 tuition rates)


Cost of One Dual Credit Course  Cost of One Unit After High School 
$200 for one course
(worth between 3-5 credits)
through Colorado Christian University 
Grand Canyon = approximately $458 per unit (i.e. credit)

Pt. Loma = approximately $1,417 per unit (i.e. credit)

SDSU = approximately $250.00 per unit (i.e. credit)

UCSD = approximately $450.00 per unit (i.e. credit)
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