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Fine Arts

The Visual and Performing Arts programs at Christian Unified Schools are designed to acquaint, engender and develop an appreciation of art, music, and drama, and to provide a degree of performance proficiency that can be useful in our general culture and the Christian community.  For some students this will result in a lifetime association with the arts from a layman's viewpoint; for others it will lead to a career in music, art or drama. 

From elementary school through high school, students have the opportunity to perform in dramatic and music productions, receive a general music education, and explore their God-given creative talents in these areas.  The elementary program provides for once weekly music instruction and, for fifth and sixth grades, semi-private instruction in instrumental music and an opportunity to participate in band.  Twice yearly arts programs are presented, one at Christmas and one in the spring.  These programs generally include a performance by the band, and a Christmas musical with drama included. 

In the upper schools, courses are offered in drama, choral music, instrumental music, art, photography and video production. All of Christian Junior and Senior High programs operate at the highest levels, are award-winning and receive top marks in competition with surrounding public and private schools. 

Check under Academic Content under each grade level (Elementary, Jr. High and Sr. High) for a more detailed description of the course offerings.

Photo Gallery

Art Class Portfolios

This is a wonderful website with links to student projects at all levels of our Art instruction.   Artwork is displayed with parent permission.
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