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Independent Study

Christian Unified Schools of San Diego Online was created to offer a flexible alternative to delivering a Christian education to students and families outside of the Christian Unified geographic area. CUSSD Online has more than 100 courses available for grades 7-12 including a variety of Bible classes for all grade levels, in addition to Advanced Placement and Dual-Credit courses. Our overall mission is to provide educational excellence with an integrated Christian worldview to the greatest number of students in our sphere of influence.

CUSSD Online courses are rigorous and meet or exceed national and California state standards. In addition, CUSSD is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and the Association of Christian Schools International. Because we consider the Bible to be central to academic excellence, CUSSD online integrates wisdom, examples, stories, characters and teaching from God’s word into our Christ-centered courses. Such integration coupled with high academic standards are the foundation of the program.

The CUSSD online program is ideal for:

  • Home school students:  At this time, the program is fully online.  We do not offer a hybrid program.
  • Disabled students who are unable to attend traditional school
  • Students who reside outside of our local area (50 mile radius)
  • International students wanting a full college prep online program with a US High School.
  • Traditional students with unique scheduling conflicts (available to current CHS students only)
  • Students needing additional credit for graduation or repeating a course (available to CHS students only)
  • Students desiring to gain college credit while in high school (Dual credit options available for fully online students and current CHS students)

Christian Unified Schools online is eager to meet the unique academic needs of students and families. If you are interested in receiving more information about this program, please contact our online coordinator via email: Contact Kathy Alesi.

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