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Christian Unified Schools

Teaching students to think, learn, and live from a Biblical worldview

Library Media Center

The CUSSD mission statement is supported by the library programs of the schools in the effort to “teach students to think, learn, and live from a biblical worldview by integrating God and His Word as the primary source of knowledge and Truth.”

The libraries strive to provide students, teachers, and administrators with current, accurate, and easily accessible information on topics they study. In this way, God’s knowledge and Truth are emphasized. Christian authors and viewpoints are provided on various topics studied, when available. Subscriptions to online databases, accounts with local college and public libraries, and subscriptions to multiple periodicals enhance the library offerings at the Junior and Senior High School. In addition to supporting research topics, the libraries seek to provide interesting, challenging, and entertaining materials for leisure reading. Special consideration is given to providing patrons the work of contemporary Christian writers, as well as to providing classical works of fiction and biography.

At the elementary level, teachers schedule regular library visits where students are encouraged to check out a wide variety of children's books that cover topics from dinosaurs to science fiction.  Books are carefully chosen by appropriate content and grade level reading.  They also support our Accelerated Reading program.  All students are trained in responsible on-line research to support our classroom instruction.

At Christian Junior and Senior High schools, the library is open before school, at lunchtime and after school and available during the school day for classes to meet. One of the three school computer labs available to junior and senior high school students is housed in the library for classroom and individual use for online homework and research.

In this age where libraries are closing and library staffs are being cut, CUSSD still considers libraries and library skills important as they enhance student learning and discovery, and support classroom instruction.

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