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Patriots Community Service

thumbnail-community-service rev 2017“Everybody can be great because everybody can serve.”  The words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. still ring true today.  At Christian Unified Schools, we desire greatness for each student, and we believe, like Dr. King, that one way to achieve greatness is through Christian service.

At Christian High School, students learn how to apply the Biblical worldview they have acquired in the classroom by completing service to the community as part of Christian High School’s Servant Leadership program.  This is yet another way that we are teaching students to think, learn and live from a Biblical worldview.

All students should keep in mind that, while it is true that colleges look favorably on service to one’s community, it is more important that the service be a part of a bigger “story.”  For example, if a student wants to go into the medical field, then he/she should choose to serve in a hospital, doctor’s office or nursing home.  Typically, in the application process, colleges consider hours served above and beyond what the high school requires, and where a student has served is often critical in the decision-making process

In addition to the sites included on the “List of Approved Sites”, opportunities to serve are added to the calendar as they arise.  Please come back to this page on our website and check the calendar regularly for a list of the scheduled events for the school year.  We will Email notices to the students of upcoming events.  Notices will also be in the Daily Bulletin.

Here are the highlights of the Patriot Servants “for-credit” portion of the program:

  • All students are required to serve 20 hours of community service each academic school year.
  • All hours must be submitted for approval within two weeks of completion of service.  Summer hours need to be turned in before the end of August every year.
  • Hours must be completed between May 16th, 2019 and May 15th, 2019 for the 2019-2020 term.
  • SENIORS:  You will need to have your hours complete by May 6th and your log sheets turned into log your hours to meet graduation requirements and have them reflected correctly on your final transcript.
  • FRESHMEN, JUNIORS AND SENIORS: You need to have your hours complete and your log sheets turned in by May 15th.
  • All students will be enrolled in a credit/no credit Patriot Servant class.  The second semester report card will indicate credit or no credit based on completion of the required hours.
  • The log sheet reflects pre-approved categories for service.   If your service is not on the list of approved sites, not included in a pre-approved category, isn't advertised in the bulletin, or isn't on the Community Service calendar, then you will need to complete a Request for Approval of a New Site.  Please contact Mrs. Blake if you have questions concerning what is pre-approved. 
  • If you are participating in an event that would be good for a group, please contact Mrs. Blake to get the date on the Community Service calendar.
  • Hours served at a student's home church can be applied to your Community Service hours. Make sure that you regularly turn in a completed log sheet, signed by a supervisor.  This should be done once a quarter.
  • Hours served are to be noted on the Hours Served Form located on the website.  Hours Served Forms should be turned in to the office or to Mrs. Blake in Room 802  as hours are completed.

The current faculty advisor for Patriot Servant Leadership is Mrs. Janei Blake.  Please contact her  with any questions you may have regarding requirements.`

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