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Teaching students to think, learn, and live from a Biblical worldview

Program Requirements

At Christian High School, students will learn how to apply the Biblical worldview they have acquired in the classroom by completing service projects as part of Christian High School’s Servant Leadership requirement.  This is yet another way that we are teaching students to think, learn and live from a Biblical worldview.

Purpose:   Servant Leadership at Christian High School will have a three-fold purpose.  It will:

  • Train leaders in the style of Christ, namely that of servant leadership (Mark 10:45)
  • Teach students to “sow generously in thanks to God” for their abundance (2 Cor. 9:9,12)
  • Achieve excellence by adding to the rigorous academic and athletic programs at CUSSD (1 Tim. 3:13)     

Requirements: Over a four-year high school career, Christian High School students will be required to complete 20 hours of community service each year.

Because this time is to be spent in service to the community, all work should be completed without payment to the student in any form.  Students will be allowed to complete the allotted number of hours during the school year or during the summer before that school year.  No banking of hours for the successive years will be allowed.  Verification of hours served will be due near the end of the second semester each school year.  Students will receive a "P" for completed service, and an "NC" for not completed on their transcript for the year.

Hours Approval: CUSSD will create and post on the website a master list of organizations that are approved sites for this requirement.  To serve at a place on the approved list, students should contact that organization directly to set appointment times for service. If students wish to serve at a place that is not on the approved list, they should submit an Approval of a New Site form and receive the approval of the District prior to service.  Any unapproved hours served will not count towards the requirement.       

Record of Hours: Students should obtain a Record of Hours Served form, either from the office or via the website prior to service.  This form is to be completed by the student and signed by a representative from the place of service.  All Record of Hours Served forms are subject to audit.

Mission Trips: All  district-organized mission trips will count toward this requirement.  Students participating in such activities must log them on the appropriate Record of Hours Served form in order to receive credit.

College Acceptance:While it is true that colleges look favorably on service to one’s community, it is more important that the service be a part of a bigger “story.”  For example, if a student wants to go into the medical field, then he/she should choose to serve in a hospital, doctor’s office or nursing home.  Typically, in the application process, colleges consider hours served above and beyond what the high school requires, and where a student has served is often critical in the decision-making process.

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