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Tuition Grant Program

It is the philosophy of Christian Unified Schools to offer a Christ-centered education to every member of the community, regardless of economic status.

What is the Tuition Grant Program? An education at Christian Unified may be one of the most important investments a family can make in their child's future.  We recognize that such an investment creates a financial burden for many families.  Consequently, Christian Unified Schools administers a proactive tuition grant program funded by contributions from special friends and alumni.  A tuition assistance grant is different from a scholarship.  A tuition grant is a tuition reduction based on demonstrated financial need only.  In this way, many Christian families are enabled to enroll their students.  Christian Unified Schools utilizes the services of FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment Program to assist with the school's determination of a family's ability to afford the costs of private education.  The desire of our school is to offer a Christian education to as many families as possible regardless of their economic status.

Tuition Grant Guidelines:

  • Students who receive tuition assistance grants are required to re-apply each year for continued support.  Re-applications are re-evaluated based on a family's continued need.
  • CUSSD does not award a full grant to any student.  We try to provide as much assistance as possible, but we believe that ultimately each family is responsible for the cost of the education of their child.  Therefore, each family is asked to contribute something to the cost of their child's education.  The amount varies according to the financial resources of each family, but is limited to a maximum of 50% of the tuition rate.
  • A tuition assistance grant covers tuition only.  Tuition assistance grants do not cover the application fee, registration fee, uniforms, or extra-curricular activities.

Who Should Apply?

Your family's financial situation is the best indicator of your financial need.  If you feel that the full cost of tuition would create an undue financial burden, you are encouraged to apply.

How Do I Apply?

Click here to go directly to the FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment Program website.  If you have any additional questions, please contact our Tuition Grant office at 619-201-8805 or email Lori Schultz at   

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