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International Students Application Instructions

A. To receive the I-20, there are two steps: (You must do Steps 1 and 2)

Step 1: Apply: (Initial acceptance eligibility is assessed after receiving the first 7 items)

  1. Application fee: $450 for grade 1-12   Tuition and Fees  
  2. Application for Admission Form
  3. Copy of Passport Page (must be valid for at least 6 months prior to entry)
  4. Transcripts with official translation (subjects, hours, and grades) Original in English! See Transcript Guidelines
  5. Test results from one of the following:  TOEFL, iTep, or Cambridge (grades 7-11)  See Fulfilling the Testing Requirements
  6. Affidavit of Support for Sponsor
  7. Bank Statement of Sponsor in English (must match sponsor on Affidavit of Support)
  8. Immunization Record in English (must include dates) See Immunization Requirements
    : Record must be sent at this time, and completed before leaving home country

Step 2a: Commit: (For the I-20 to be processed and mailed)

  1. Request the Commitment to Attend Form
  2. Pay the international and text book fees: $5,400 (7-12); $1,100 (1-6). (add $20.00 if wiring)

Step 2b: Finish Application Forms

  1. Student Commitment Form
  2. Packet of Questionnaires:
  3. Go to the doctor to clear any missing Immunizations
  4. Send original documents for Application form and Official Transcript (not copies)
  5. Designated Guardian in the United States OR $1000.00 deposit and $1,000 liaison fee

B. Apply for Interview at Embassy for the Student Visa. (Additional guidelines mailed with the I-20)
Immediately notify school when a visa is approved or denied:  Email Mrs. Ford

C. BEFORE ARRIVING IN THE US (after Visa is granted) the following must be complete:

  1. Pay tuition (add $20 if wiring) See Tuition and Fees  
  2. Purchase Insurance and submit forms.  A waiver must be submitted for approval if a private policy is purchased
  3. Designated Guardian in the United States OR $1000.00 deposit and $1,000 liaison fee
  4. Submit Final Immunization record before arriving in the US
  5. 18 Year-Old Contract (All students who will turn 18 years old before graduation date)
  6. Athletic eligibility is limited to JV teams for first year high school students, unless enrolled through a California State CIF approved agency.  
  7. Motor Vehicle Permission
  8. Contact Homestay Company of your choice, required for homestay placement.
  9. Submit Notification of Homestay Company Form
  10. Homestay Release Form (if living in a homestay) signed by parent or Designated Guardian
  11. Affidavit of Relationship  (with supporting documents) if living with Blood Relative
  12. Complete CUSSD's Field Trip Parental Permission Form 
  13. Complete Immunization record before arriving in the US
  14. Submit Official Transcript, original document, including semester 2 of the past school year.
D. Arrival at School Procedures and Class Registration:
  1. Provide copy of Visa and immigration stamp from passport
  2. Pick up insurance documents at orientation OR verify waiver approval of private policy
  3. Complete and submit Orientation Packet (mailed to homestay or guardian)
  4. Fill out Contact Information Form for Immigration and web purposes - must be accurate and signed by Host Parent
  5. Take the English and Math Placement Tests before school starts (report dates in Orientation packet)
  6. Purchase school uniforms.   Link to Uniform Policy and online store
  7. Submit original documents for school transcripts if not done previously.

IMPORTANT: Never enter the United States on a tourist visa if you intend to attend school. If you enter on a B-1/B-22 visa, make sure it says "Prospective Student" on the visa page.

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Christian Unified Schools of San Diego admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin. This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students.  (All non-immigrant international students enrolled at CUSSD must be on an F-1 visa.)
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